Category: Policy Brief

POLICY BRIEF: Died on a Waiting List (2021-22 Edition) has released its annual Died on a Waiting List report.

We filed Freedom of Information requests with provincial governments to find out how many people died while waiting for a surgery or diagnostic scan.

Unfortunately, the sad trend of more people dying on a waitlist continued this year.

POLICY BRIEF: Defunding Putin’s Military

Much of Putin’s war effort is being paid for by Russia’s oil and gas sales to the rest of the world.

Our new policy brief demonstrates how Canada could steal Putin’s customers and help defund his war machine by developing and exporting our own energy.

POLICY BRIEF: Few Alcohol Violations After Red Tape Cut research shows that the decision by provincial governments to allow restaurants to sell alcohol with takeout and delivery orders resulted in few violations. This is an example that shows cutting red tape can be helpful, so we should do it more.