Category: Energy & Resource Development

Canada Could Displace Half of Russian Energy

We released new analysis that examines just how much
of Russia’s oil and natural gas exports Canada could displace.

Over the long term, we could replace about half of Russian energy.

POLICY BRIEF: Defunding Putin’s Military

Much of Putin’s war effort is being paid for by Russia’s oil and gas sales to the rest of the world.

Our new policy brief demonstrates how Canada could steal Putin’s customers and help defund his war machine by developing and exporting our own energy.

“Fowl” Play: Some Major Problems with Wind Power

There’s been a lot of debate over the environmental impacts of different energy sources, and while competition between different types of energy is a good thing, it seems that some tend to get a free pass without much scrutiny.

Our Dom Lucyk goes over why wind power isn’t as consequence-free as many green activists say it is.