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A Closer Look at Blood Plasma Donations in Canada

Blood plasma plays an incredibly important role in society – from supporting patients with debilitating health issues to helping researchers develop a treatment for viruses such as COVID-19. With that in mind, we decided to take a closer look at the issue.

Kim Purdy’s story

Kim Purdy discusses her long wait for hip surgery in Alberta. Considering governments postponed thousands of procedures during COVID-19, many more patients will have similar experiences.

5 Thoughts about the coronavirus President Colin Craig and contributor Kris Sims discuss COVID-19. Need some good news about the coronavirus? Some aspects you may not have thought about?
You’ll find that and more in our new video.

Give the gift of a private MRI scan?

With Christmas just around the corner,, a new Canadian think tank, released a report that examines which provinces allow Canadians to purchase a private MRI scan for themselves or for a loved one.