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IN THE NEWS: “Government Waste Is Bad For The Environment, Too”

Photo by: CLEMENT SABOURIN /AFP/Getty Images

Postmedia columnist Colby Cosh recently penned a good column on our new report that examines how some government policies drive-up emissions.
Here’s a good snippet from Cosh’s piece:

“The report takes some carefully chosen, carefully nonpartisan digs at other Canadian idols: it points out, for example, that our federal government provides incalculable fortunes to Bombardier to design and build business jets, a source of greenhouse gas emissions otherwise generally considered indefensible.

It also observes that every litre of milk this country pours into sewers to preserve supply-management quotas comes at an alleged cost of about a kilogram of carbon dioxide, to say nothing of the more destructive methane. Canadians don’t mind the implicit throwing away of money, or at least we’re not going to get to elect a government willing to stop it, but we are supposed to regard avoidable and gratuitous ecological harm as a problem, aren’t we?”

To read his full column – click here
And to read our new report – click here
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