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Maurice and Ilene Thevenot share their experience with virtual health care

Since COVID-19 emerged in Canada, governments have opened up more opportunities for patients to videoconference with their doctors or speak with them on the phone. Today we spoke with Maurice and Ilene Thevenot, two senior citizens who live two hours south west of Winnipeg, about their experience.

Kim Purdy’s story

Kim Purdy discusses her long wait for hip surgery in Alberta. Considering governments postponed thousands of procedures during COVID-19, many more patients will have similar experiences.

Quebec’s Green Opportunity

Why does Quebec spend billions of dollars each year importing natural gas when it could develop and use its own local natural gas resources instead? That’s what we investigated …

Rick Baker’s story

As part of our medical tourism research, sat down with Rick Baker, founder of Timely Medical Alternatives.

Treatment in Tijuana? Alberta patient tells her story

Tracy Skinner struggled with back pain for 13 years. The surgery she received in Calgary didn’t work and the government told her there was nothing they could do … “here’s more painkillers.”

Thankfully for Tracy, she found treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.