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Canadian Bills Government For $14,000+ Surgery In Lithuania

Waiting lists are a growing problem in Canada.

In fact, over 136,000 surgeries are backed up in Manitoba alone, with 8,000 of those being hip and knee replacements.

No one understands this problem more than Max Johnson; a Winnipeg resident who was told that he would have to wait over a year for knee replacement surgery. 

Max was faced with a choice; live in debilitating pain while on a public health care waiting list in Canada, or head overseas and pay for the operation himself. He chose the latter, flying to Lithuania and paying over $14,000 for his knee operation.

However, the story didn’t end there. Upon his return, Max submitted the bill to the government of Manitoba for payment!

Watch the full interview via the video above, and read our full report on Canada’s growing waiting list problem by clicking here.

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