November 2022 Health Care Polling Numbers waiting lists Canada often hires Leger, one of Canada’s most reputable polling companies,  to poll Canadians on government policies and potential policy changes.

This past November we hired them to ask Canadians about two health reform questions and to gauge opinion on other countries the public thought might have some health care lessons for Canada to learn.

Highlights from the poll include:

  • 62% support keeping our public health care system but allowing patients to use their own money, or their extended health insurance, to pay for surgery at local private clinics if they cannot get timely care in the public system. A majority of Canadians supported this option right across the country. The highest level of support was in B.C. (72%) where the provincial government will soon go to the Supreme Court of Canada to oppose this option.
  • 52% support allowing surgeons to use their free time to work in private clinics when the public system has maximized their hours. Support was highest in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Atlantic Canada (61%).
  • Sweden and Switzerland were top countries when we asked Canadians about several countries and how much people believe those nations have to our country in terms of lessons about health care.

To see the full polling results – click here.

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