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THE NEWS FORUM: Survivors of Socialism


Thank you to Tanya Granic Allan and The News Forum for having me on recently to discuss’s latest project – Survivors of Socialism.

If you’re not familiar with the project, it includes two main parts:

1) A policy brief which summarizes our survey of Canadians who left communist and socialist countries.

2) Interviews with Canadians who previously lived in communist or socialist countries. We felt it was important to creating these resources as many politicians, academics and activists in Canada – who glorify communism and socialism – haven’t actually lived under those types of regimes.

Here’s a link to our interview with The News Forum – click here.

And if you’re not familiar with The News Forum, they’re a new news channel that launched in 2020. They broadcast breaking news, analysis and commentary talk shows.

One thing I like about The News Forum is their broad centre approach to news coverage – they tackle all kinds of topics and feature a wide spectrum of points of view, allowing viewers to see many different perspectives on important issues that our nation is facing.

On a personal note, there have been occasions where we have released studies that have received little coverage by some of the more established media outlets, but thankfully, The News Forum covered the story. This allowed more Canadians to learn about our research.

In my mind, their new channel is good for our democracy.

Canada’s news media industry has been under a lot of stress over the past decade – hundreds if not thousands of journalists have been laid off. That’s not good. The more journalists reporting on governments activities, and important issues that concern everyday Canadians, the better. We need more people posing tough questions to politicians, examining government activities and looking at solutions that can help everyday people and our nation.

To learn more about The News Forum, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the channels below:

Rogers – channel 107
Telus – channel 842
Telus Satellite – channel 506
Bell Satellite – channel 506
Bell Fibe – channel 1514
Bell Alt TV & Virgin Mobile TV – channel 514
Bell Aliant Fibe – channels 232, 466
Bell MTS Fibe – channel 1143
Access Communications – channel 552
SaskTel – channels 356 HD & 56 SD
Telmax Channel – Channel 39
Walnut TV


By: Colin Craig, President

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