KEN’S STORY: How A Private Clinic In B.C. Saved His Shoulder recently sat down with Ken Clifford, a retired engineer from Lillooet, British Columbia. We spoke with Ken about how his life came to a halt after a major shoulder injury in 2021.

Ken required immediate surgery to save his shoulder from irreparable damage, but could not get timely care from the public health system in BC. 

Due to a lack of immediate availability from doctors and specialists, Ken sought out a private clinic in Vancouver as a last resort to save his shoulder.

Despite the clinic helping patients like Ken get the care they needed, the government of British Columbia continues with its court action to prevent residents from being able to pay for private surgeries outside of the public system. To the government, it does not matter that the long wait for the public system to provide care would have cost Ken mobility of his shoulder.

Watch Ken’s story via the above video, and to view more patient stories and potential solutions to Canada’s growing waiting lists, click here.

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