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NEW POLL: Focus On COVID, Not Climate Reset

  • 57% want focus on fighting COVID and return to normal vs 34% who support efforts to restructure the economy to address climate change
  • Majority opposed to city council motions to phase out natural gas

Public policy think tank released public opinion research today that shows a majority of Canadians want governments to be focussed on fighting COVID-19 and returning things to normal rather than looking at restructuring the economy with higher carbon taxes, rebates, regulations and subsidies to address climate change. The poll was conducted by Leger between March 17-24.

“Canadians are done with COVID and want a return to normal rather than governments looking to restructure the economy right now,” said President Colin Craig. “These results are similar to our recent findings that showed strong opposition to the federal government’s ambitious plan to keep raising the carbon tax. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t appetite to fight climate change. The data suggests people are looking for other options.”

Highlights from the poll, include:

  • 57% of Canadians want governments to focus on fighting COVID and returning to normal versus 34% who believe now is the time to restructure the economy to fight climate change through carbon tax increases, rebates, regulations and subsidies.
  • 51% of respondents would be “disappointed” or “very disappointed” if their municipality passed a motion to phase out natural gas versus 20% who would be “pleased” or “very pleased.”
  • 72% of Canadians with natural gas heated homes would not be willing to switch to electric heat if it meant a price increase while 13% would be willing to switch.
  • 65% believe Canada should export more of its natural gas to create jobs and reduce global emissions while 17% opposed and 18% didn’t know.

“Public opinion research shows support for Canada exporting natural gas to other countries to help them reduce their dependence on coal,” added Craig. “That solution would not only create jobs in Canada, it could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce smog levels.”

To view the polling results – click here

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