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UPDATE: Pay cuts at the City of Winnipeg (or lack of)

This past August put out a report that examined when the last time was that governments reduced pay for their employees.

Our report included responses from the federal government, all ten provinces and 13 major cities in Canada (click here to see the report and responses).

Generally speaking, responses from governments in Canada ranged from never having cut employee pay to the last pay cut having occurred decades ago.

We noted in our report that the City of Winnipeg “did not have a summary document available and did not provide data on the last pay cut provided.”

Since that time we have received an update from the City of Winnipeg.

We were informed that the Senior Manager of Labour Relations at the City of Winnipeg is “unaware of any pay cuts for unionized employees.”

Here’s the City of Winnipeg’s email that was forwarded to

It’s intriguing that cities across Canada continue to beg other levels of government for more funding, yet those same cities haven’t bothered to tighten their own belt first through measures such as pay reductions for staff – something which has been quite common outside of government.

Governments truly do operate in another world.

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