Major projects, major stalls

  • Stalled oil and gas, and mining projects in Canada now exceeds $213 billion

Following the recent cancellation of the Teck mine in Alberta, updated its list of stalled or cancelled natural resource projects in Canada since 2014. The value of those projects is now more than the equivalent of building an NHL-sized arena every day for a year.

“If you make a list of major natural resource projects that have been cancelled in Canada over the past few years, such as the Teck mine or the Energy East pipeline, the total value is jaw-dropping” said President Colin Craig. “It’s roughly equivalent to building an NHL-sized arena every day for a year. Canadian workers have missed out on a staggering amount of jobs and governments have missed out on billions in tax revenues.”

“It would be one thing if politicians could stand up and claim they improved the environment by blocking these projects,” added Craig. “But that’s not true. Blocking these projects in Canada just means they’ll proceed in some other country instead.”


Cost (Billion $)

Ajax Copper Mine (BC)


Aspen Oil Sands Project (AB)


Black Thor Project (ON)


Carmon Creek Oilsands (AB)


Coffee Gold Project (YT)


Dunkirk SAGD (AB)


Eagle’s Nest Project (ON)


Energy East Pipeline (AB-NB)


Frederick Brook Shale (NB)


Grassy Point LNG (BC)


Green Point – Shoal Point Energy (NL)


Joslyn Oil Sands Project (AB)


Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Project (NT)


Matoush Uranium Project (QC)


Muskwa SAGD Project (AB)


Northern Gateway Pipeline (BC-AB)


Pacific Northwest LNG (BC)


Prince Rupert LNG Aurora – Nexen (BC)


Steelhead LNG (BC)


Teck Frontier Oilsands Mine (AB)


Trans-Mountain Pipeline Expansion (BC-AB)





$213.44 noted that cost for the new NHL arena in Calgary is expected to be $550 million. For more information, including sources, see this post.

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