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VIDEO: Health Care From Your Couch Or Office

Dr. Belchetz was an emergency room doctor who felt there needed to be a better way to help patients than making them sit in waiting rooms for hours on end. So he did something about it…

VIDEO: Dying For Health Reform

What can be done about patients dying on waiting lists in Canada? How common is the problem? See our new clip for details –

Live Healthy, Help Fight COVID

Government data suggests healthy people have a better chance of beating COVID and avoiding hospitalization than non-healthy people. Shouldn’t we be talking about healthy living more?

Learning Pods: A New Approach To Education

Contributor to Second, Paige MacPherson discusses what “learning pods” are, how they can help parents and other findings in her new policy brief on K-12 education.

Maurice and Ilene Thevenot share their experience with virtual health care

Since COVID-19 emerged in Canada, governments have opened up more opportunities for patients to videoconference with their doctors or speak with them on the phone. Today we spoke with Maurice and Ilene Thevenot, two senior citizens who live two hours south west of Winnipeg, about their experience.

Hospital cafeterias lose millions!

At we recently interviewed our student interns, Catherine Shvets and Gage Haubrich, about hospital cafeterias losing millions of dollars.