We’re Hiring: Outreach Director

ABOUT US: SecondStreet.org is a think tank that conducts public policy research, but also focuses on telling the stories behind the numbers. Simply put, we show how everyday Canadians are affected by a government health care policy decision, red tape, a tax increase, etc. We communicate those stories through short videos, newspaper columns and media interviews.

The stories feature our own research and the work of other reputable think tanks. We see opportunity, choice and responsibility as three pillars for the successful, self-governing nation envisioned by Canada’s founders.

As a growing organization, we’re looking to hire some help.

JOB DESCRIPTION: We’re looking for someone to join our team as our Director of Outreach. The new Outreach Director position is responsible for identifying, screening and bringing to light compelling personal stories from Canadians that intersect identified public policy priorities.

REPORTING: This position reports to SecondStreet.org’s president.


  • Work with the president and communications director to determine public policy areas where personal experience stories should be sought.
  • Develop and employ strategies to identify interviewees who may have compelling
    experiences to share that is relevant to SecondStreet.org’s research activities.
  • Travel to locations and interview subjects in-person using video and photo. Work with and manage free-lance videographers and photographers as needed.
  • Interview subjects online via Zoom where appropriate.
  • With direction from the president and communications director, draft scripts and work with vendors to edit SSO videos and related content.
  • Serve as public spokesperson for the organization if and when directed by the president.
  • Serve as producer of SecondStreet.org’s TV show – “On Second Street”. This includes searching for, reaching out to and confirming appropriate guests for the program. Search for graphics to use for shows and share with News Forum staff.
  • Be prepared to contribute to regular staff meetings and plans including the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Look for and attend networking related and professional development events.
  • Other duties as assigned.

To see the full job description – click here.


  • The Outreach Director is a full-time salaried position operating remotely. In-house
    support is minimal.
  • Although flexibility with hours may be granted, the Outreach Director keeps regular office hours and will sometimes be expected to work overtime to meet deadlines and commitments.
  • Expect to travel at least once a month.
  • All work-related expenses and travel will be reimbursed including networking related and professional development expenses. This includes the cost of basic home office expenses including internet and cell phone.
  • Keep up with news and current events related to public policy including all content produced by SecondStreet.org.
  • Be self-motivated and prepared to work independently as peer interaction is limited.

The Outreach Director’s performance will be evaluated based on the responsibilities outlined in this job description and his/her contributions toward the organization’s targets as noted in the Strategic Plan. A performance review will take place after the director’s third month with the organization and annually thereafter.

SecondStreet.org is looking to bring some new perspectives to our organization. With that in mind, employment preference for this position will be given to female candidates – ideally located in eastern Canada.

Interested candidates should send their resume and a cover letter that explains their relevant experience to Colin Craig: colin@secondstreet.org. The deadline for applying is Friday, October 20, 2023 @ 5:00PM EST.

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