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POLICY BRIEF: Majority Support Producing More Oil & Gas To Replace Russian Oil & Gas

In late February 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, causing shock and anger around the world. Immediately after the invasion, many commentators discussed how the West indirectly paid for the invasion – through the purchase of billions of dollars’ worth of Russian oil and natural gas resources. 
Many observers, including, noted that Canada was well-positioned to develop and export more natural gas and oil, helping the world to reduce its dependence on Russia.

As this approach would run counter to political decisions in the recent past to reject major oil and natural gas projects, decided to hire public opinion firm Leger in March 2022 to poll Canadians on the idea of developing and exporting more natural gas and oil in light of the Ukraine invasion. 

This policy brief examines the results of the public opinion research and provides contextual data – click here.
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