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2018-19 Internship

Play Video would like to extend a big “thank you” to the donor who stepped up and generously offered to fund our 2018-19 internship program!

Thanks to the kind donation, we were able to provide two internship opportunities during our first year of operation:

  • Azim Jiwani, a University of Dalhousie student, helped us with health care research and he investigated a couple other policy areas for us. Azim’s efforts helped us with our policy brief on medical tourism (click here).
  • Lucus Riccioni, a University of Calgary student, worked on natural resource development research for us, leading to our policy brief on stalled or cancelled natural resource projects (click here for the policy brief and see below for Lucus’s video testimonial).

 We are grateful for Lucus and Azim’s assistance during our first year and we’re glad they found their time with our organization valuable from a career development perspective.

If you are interested in future internship opportunities with us, please send Colin Craig an email –

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